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                                                        (ITS PRIMARILY ABOUT THE CONSTITUTION)

You can now find and share the, "LOVE THE SOLDIER, HATE THE POLITICS", refrigerator magnet project both on your computer and on your phone. Follow the project as it evolves. 


The project is primarily about understanding the intent of the American Constitution, understanding the roll of the Americans in the military that swear a sacred oath and their lives to defend it, and their families. And understanding the roll of those political players who also swear an oath to protect and preserve the Constitution who the American people empower and give their sacred trust.


I will also look at what makes America America, where it comes from, what IMO threatens it, and where it is going. And the politics? That will be for you to identify, define, characterize, label and judge. 


What is my simple definition of the Constitution without having to read one word of the document?

(And I strongly suggest you read and understand it, it was written for you)


Answer: The American Constitution is a social experiment in governance and the attempt to counterbalance the nature of man (and woman) as it relates to the potential that exists in the abuse of power. And ensuring the governments respect for the individuals' freedoms and enumerated rights. That's it.

Read your Constitution here:  U.S. Constitution | Constitution Annotated | | Library of Congress


Now you fundamentally understand the long-term intent and consequences of the Founders of The United States Of America and their Constitution, your Constitution. And it is so regardless of your race, creed, color or sexual orientation, no matter what anyone attempts to tell you to the contrary. Simple, no PhD. needed. 


Remember America, there are consequences to all elections. So make sure you are properly informed in human nature, history and current events and learn to choose those who seek your political representation and political proxy power intelligently and with great scrutiny to preserve what all our freedoms and rights rest upon. 


This is your sacred responsibility as an American. And you, the citizens of America, and no one else in the end are responsible for it all, by design. Ignore that sacred responsibility and remain uninformed, apathetic and manipulatable by those who seek your political proxy power, who all have the potential to abuse it, and we are all in real terms in peril.


Feel free to copy and share this message with a friend, political affiliation is irrelevant. JGL 2/21


* What does the American Constitution primarily structure? 


   The American Constitution primarily structures political warfare. 


* What does the American Constitution attempt to accomplish? 


  The American Constitution attempts to accomplish the counterbalance to the nature of man as it relates to          the abuse of power.


* What do the mechanisms and rules contained within the American Constitution structure? 


  The mechanisms and rules contained within the American Constitution structures the parameters within            which the government is to operate and the parameters within which the political warfare is to be fought.  


  And in that political warfare struggle all those who seek political empowerment are forced to some degree to      reveal themselves to the people. And in that revealing, in that truth, the people are able to better direct and            manage their government. And in that political warfare struggle, in that competition the fittest political                ideology that serves the peoples interests survives and propagates. That is the concept anyway. There is a     Darwinian rules of survival element to the American Constitution and what it structures. 

ALL forms of governance and government, whether it be a King or a Congress, no matter where on the planet or in whatever particular time in history it exists accomplishes one thing, the abuse of power. It's just a matter of to what degree. "Government" serves as a necessary organizational and management structure in order that human beings live in a somewhat stable and successful society model.


Government is necessary, it serves an essential purpose, BUT, it is a necessary evil. 


And this fundamental expression of human nature and its potential, the abuse of power, very well understood by the Founders, lies at the core of the American Constitution in an attempt to counter balance that nature. JGL 3/11/21

*** For everyone who sees what is ongoing in American politics today and does not really understand how things can get sooo extreme, vindictive and more importantly what it is representative of and what it means. Please reread Strategy Over Morality and use it as the political lens you objectively see all politics through, and everything will become crystal clear.


The Constitution essentially structures political warfare and the general rules of engagement and the battlefield parameters that it must be fought within. Politics on either side of the political divide is not about truth or justice or morality in the war. That is your Pedestrian Realm perspective, and not the perspective of those in the politically empowered Political Realm engaged in the battle. Two very different reality perspectives. 


Political warfare in America is essential (As counter intuitive as that may sound), because what can become a vicious existential struggle between the political opponents is the ONLY thing that forces those engaged in the battle to reveal themselves to the public.


There is no visible political warfare being fought in Communist China so that those in power can reveal themselves to the people, there is only propaganda, compliance and obedience.  JGL 8/28/22


The people in America MUST in the end be informed and direct the country no matter what.



                                                                                                                                                                  Copyright, J.G. LaValle, 2011

How civilizations, governments, wars and their leadership throughout history are founded, fought and at their existential human core operate.


EXPLANATION: Strategy Over Morality describes a two-tiered “conversation” between a Public and their Politically Empowered Leadership where the Public believes there is only a single, no tiered conversation occurring. And that single conversation is assumed by the Public to relate to the Public’s morality and truth model perspective. 

CONCLUSION: The public lives and operates under a subjective moral code or within a "Pedestrian Realm" perspective which they assume their leadership which exists within the "Political Realm" is constrained by. This is a subjective false perspective conclusion on the part of the public. Leadership at its existential core is not about morality, truth and honesty. Politically empowered Political Realm leadership is ultimately about the fundamental exercise of power and “IT's” subjective agenda interests and "IT's" political power prevailing.


Extension: Strategy Over Morality describes a model in which leadership or their empowered subordinates within government can subjectively justify an interpretation of their core fiduciary responsibilities which becomes paramount over and above the public’s truth and morality model interests. Where plausible deniability can be claimed when "necessary" “immoral” acts or modified "truth" strategies are employed or executed by leadership, their subordinates or by arm's length leadership proxies.

Government, any government and those empowered within it are not paid to tell you the truth, they become transformed. They are paid and have a fiduciary responsibility to the survival of the entity government and the power structure within which we all exist. Good, bad or otherwise.


And this condition primarily of man, and includes women, exists pre-Constitution and is eternal. The construction of the Constitution attempts to counterbalance this eternal condition of man (and woman) related to the abuse of power so that the people can be somewhat informed within that particular model of governance.


When was the last time you found those empowered within government told those in the Public Realm the truth or acted morally? The truth like morality is not their primary job. And they will insist that they are both truthful and moral, but they are neither. Not their job, they have been in real terms transformed.


THE PUBLIC OR THE "PEDESTRIAN REALM": The individual citizens of any civilization, society, state or country.


POLITICAL LEADERSHIP OR THE "POLITICAL REALM": Any macro empowered individual or governing entity, or their direct subordinates concerned with the formulation and implementation of laws, strategies and policies, both civil and military. And there are esoteric, unknowable and not allowed levels to this realm.


LEADERSHIPS CORE PRIME DIRECTIVE: Above all else and at any cost the securing, promotion and survival of the society, culture, territory, treasure, power and agenda.



William J. Casey, CIA director, February of 1981, at a meeting in the Roosevelt Room in the West Wing of the White House: "We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false."


Spirituality or a belief in a God is an internal personal and pristine condition that no one other than the individual can knowingly corrupt. And whether that spirituality is based in a belief in a God or a belief in nature and the expanse of the overarching eternal universe, you personally internally recognize that there is something bigger and more than you. It is your personal conclusion about what your existence is in some way shape or form based on or influenced by and guides your spiritual life.


Any formalized construct of man (and woman) and any power derived thereof, which employs an authority and hierarchy, which at its core essentially operates in some respects like a corporation, or a business, or a political party, because it is a creation of man (or woman) all have the potential to be abused. This is true of all such things that are a creation of man (or woman).



1. All intellectual structures, entities and concepts of man have the potential to be abused in the quest of the few in pursuit of control and power over the many.

2. All intellectual structures, entities and concepts of man have not always acted in the interests of what they have represented themselves to be acting in the interests of.

3. All intellectual structures, entities and concepts of man has the potential to be used as a ruthless tool in order to acquire or retain power.

4. All intellectual structures, entities and concepts of man has the potential to selectively teach the exclusion of some.

5. Humanity must have civilization, governance, politics, law, justice, commerce, God, spirituality and religion, or no religion depending on your perspective, conclusions and choices. And must be cognizant of where their nature as it relates to those subjects in all of their forms can deliver them. 

6. All intellectual structures, entities and concepts of man (and woman) have the potential to be perverted and corrupted and the power derived there of abused. JGL 1/8/23


                                       (THERE ARE ALWAYS TWO CONVERSATIONS UNDERWAY)


Example A: Dr. Anthony Fauci, an empowered government leadership agency head chooses to strategically lie about the use of masks related to controlling the spread of Covid 19 in order to protect the supply of N95 masks to front line hospital workers.  Dr. Fauci Made the Coronavirus Pandemic Worse by Lying About Masks (

Dr. Fauci in his position of authority within government made a judgement and subjectively chose to endanger the lives of the general public in the interests of the "Greater Good" and protecting the limited supply of N95 masks. In doctor Dr. Fauci's empowered opinion he made the best choice. Some do not agree with that decision. But it was his decision to strategically formulate and make. 


This is a good and simple example of S.O.M. where a decision made not by an elected but by a politically empowered government official more than likely cost members of the public their lives in pursuit of the "Greater Good" and the securing of the prime directive as per S.O.M.


On a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is the least Public Realm morally offensive decision leadership might choose to make, and 10 is the most offensive and depraved Public Realm decision leadership might make in pursuit of fulfilling the S.O.M. prime directive, this strategic decision by, Dr. Fauci, a politically empowered government agency head, IMO is about a 5 or 6.

Example B:  February, 27, 1933, The Reichstag Fire. "The supposed arsonist was a Dutchman, Marinus van der Lubbe, whom some have claimed was brought to the scene of the crime by Nazi agents."

Reichstag fire | Summary, Significance, Images, Video, Enabling Act, & Facts | Britannica

Who really set the fire during this pivotal political time in Nazi Germany? The end result was that Adolf Hitler was further able to secure his power and we all know where that lead. I think the term, "By Any Means Necessary" is well justified here. 

Joseph Goebbels: "If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

If true and the Nazi's in deed did execute this Strategy Over Morality in further pursuit of political power, and I have no problem believing that they in deed did, then that would rank pretty high on the S.O.M. scale, a 9 or a 10 for sure, maybe an 11, IMO.


Example C:  The Squad: The Us Governments Secret Alliance With Organized Crime: Milan, Michael: 9780933503366:               Books

Forty years ago, FBI chief J. Edgar Hoover recruited a band of professional killers for his private execution squad.

He found them in organized crime families, the armed forces, and in other intelligence services. He called them the unknowns, and they did jobs so dirty even the CIA was afraid of them.

Now, for the first time anywhere, Mike Milan, a member of the Squad, tells the true story of Hoover's private war. Milan, who "made his bones" for the Lucchese Family on New Yorks Lower East Side, served in the OSS during World War II, executed ex-Nazis and Soviet KGB agents after the war, and conducted Hoover's deep-cover counter-intelligence program inside the Ku Klux Klan.


He wiped out a KGB spy ring in New Orleans, supplied gold for the US government's secret war in Southeast Asia, and was part of a hit team that mopped up "embarrassing" witnesses to the JFK assassination in Dallas.

For over forty years Mike Milan led a double life, walking the tightrope between the Department of Justice and organized crime families. The Squad is his true story. "

If true, and I have no reason to believe that these accounts are not true, where does J. Edgar Hoover get the authority to take these kinds of extra governmental, extra-legal politically strategic actions as the government agency head of the FBI?


SEE:  Strategy   Over   Morality.


In leadership there are ALWAYS two conversations underway, the presented by leadership palatable Public Realm conversation, AND the Political Realm conversation that is based in "necessary" strategy and action as subjectively determined by leadership taken in pursuit of the prime directive. And where on the S.O.M. scale does this particular secret policy and extra governmental, extra-legal action on the part of J. Edgar Hoover rise to? Oh, its right up there at an 11?


As further potential evidence of such S.O.M. based subjective leadership thought process and action can we clearly detect the very same kinds of actions being taken in modern times related to many of the actions that the Leadership of the FBI under the likes of former F.B.I. director, James Comey took related to politics? Comey is a solid 11.


Human beings become empowered within leadership, and someone has to make decisions and take actions related to their empowered fiduciary responsibilities interpretations. And the nature of man related to power is that power can be and or will be abused. What exists to check leadership if and when it / they go too far in their interpretation of their fiduciary responsibilities and they become political? JGL 4/11/21


Example D:  Corporate Strategy Over Morality:  


"The Most Massive Scientific Fraud Ever Committed In The US" - By Author Jeffrey Smith

($2 Billion dollar judgement reduced to $190 million.)

And what is the potential if and when both government and corporate entities work subjectively hand in hand while applying S.O.M. principles in an effort where both see their self-interests being served while working hand in hand? What happens when the political powers in Leadership in control of law enforcement and legal justice ally with corporate giants?

I will let you identify, define, characterize and label the actors that you yourself can see every day in politics and the corporate world doing just that, working together in their mutual political and business interests. At what cost? Who and what in the end becomes and suffers the collateral damage? 


You tell me where on the S.O.M. scale this kind of close association between government and business falls. That government / business in the end is the most dangerous alliance to your freedom, that is called fascism.  JGL 4/11/21


In this empowered leadership / fiduciary / existential mode of thinking and justification for action there cannot be allowed, or it can be very flexible the subjective belief in a higher power, a religion, a creator or a God. Leadership in real terms can be devoid of a belief system other than power and their retaining it. Devoid if that belief system might in some moralistic manner get in the way of, from their subjective survival perspective, what must be done in order that the prime directive be realized. Rather those belief systems will be used against the Public Realm as a means of instilling guilt, fear, manipulation and control.


Leadership may profess their guidance by such morality and belief systems, but they are in fact not directed by them, not to any great degree anyway. Lying for the "greater good", Strategy Over Morality in other words is perfectly acceptable and justifiable. As disturbing as that sounds to your Pedestrian Realm ears and sensibilities.


For the "Two" conversations to be effective for leadership those in the Public Realm must have a limited ability to believe and that line of belief is defined by their Pedestrian Realm moral reality model which is usually defined by their belief in a higher power, a religion a creator or a God.


Why must governance systems like Communism and Socialism destroy and vilify all religious belief systems? Because those belief systems place government in a lesser position of authority. In these systems of governance nothing can be perceived as being superior in any manner to government. 


After that line of belief is established and known then everything morally inconceivable to the public can be implemented as or if determined to be necessary by leadership. Sometimes to the consternation of the public, assuming they become aware of those actions deemed by them to be immoral or over the line. Leadership will attempt to convince those in the Public Realm (YOU) that you are crazy or your thought process is incomplete or faulty as they push their over the moral line subjectively justified S.O.M. agendas in pursuit of fulfilling the prime directive and by extension their own self interests.


In other words, Strategy OVER Morality.


And this ability to manipulate by leadership is primarily employed in situations where there is some great degree of concern regarding the public's opinion. Systems like Democracies where individuals vote and there is some formal system of transfer of their power to leadership representatives. And the public bases their decisions of support or rejection in their sense of justice, fairness, morality and likability. Wherever the public has some degree of say or consequential effect on governance.


Obviously in a straight up dictatorship or a situation where there exists a kingdom with a monarchal model of governance and ownership these concerns by leadership are of much less concern. They in essence are the belief system, they are the religion, they are the "God". Then, its Strategy Over Morality all day every day.


All forms of governance will always naturally tend towards the abuse of power either justified by leadership as being for the "greater good" or out right in your face corruption and fraud when they become overconfident and or desperate. All government and those who are politically empowered that inhabit it must be assumed to be incompetent and duplicitous in regards to the publics interests. It is just the nature of the beast.


Live with it, but never trust it, never defend it, always be suspicious of it, be in love with it not.


Does any of this sound familiar to you? Why has not much of anything in modern American politics specifically, made any common sense to you recently? Naked S.O.M is why, leadership is both over confident and they are desperate. Why now, what is the difference now?  T E C H N O L O G Y.


Previously in the context of our modern times you listened to the radio, watched a trusted TV news program, or you read a trusted news paper to listen to the journalists you found likable and credible to find out what was going on in the country and the world. And these modes of information gathering for the public was a managed system to varying degrees, lets not fool ourselves. You got some degree of truth, but you also received managed or curated information.


Technology however has short circuited in real time and in real terms media and politics, and at the same time has accelerated leaderships ability and need to influence, manipulate and manage the population in the context of our modern world and politics. 


Empowered leadership and their particular flavor of politics, how ever YOU choose to identify, characterize or label it.


And political agenda is being allied with and buttressed by traditional media and high tech / Social Media business entities who essentially are now in control of the flow of news, information and "The Message". And those business entities have chosen to actively and subjectively, based on their political agendas and desires, censor that information and manage who in the public realm is allowed to participate in distributing information or disagreeing with information and the "Message".


In other words these high tech business entities are choosing to manage free speech. And managed free speech is by definition NOT free speech and is counter to the intent of the Constitution and the interests of the individual and freedom in America. For a Democratic Republic model of governance like ours to operate properly and to remain in somewhat of a healthy degree of balance between the two political extremes and survive the public must to some great degree be objectively informed in order to facilitate their fundamental fiduciary responsibilities in choosing their leadership. 


And the result of this technological monkey wrench being thrown in the mix has been the accelerated need for control by those who find themselves in leadership. Again, you can identify, characterize and label their politics as YOU see fit. And the more leaderships agendas veer away from the publics interests and the core fundamentals of individual freedom and the preservation of the intent of the Constitution, the crazier and more unreasonable those political agendas will appear to be and in fact are if you are an American.


Political leadership in America is in the process of forcing their agenda on the American public through blatant lies, manipulations and an attempt to control election security and validity, and that is unreasonable. It is expected because that is the nature of the beast, but it is unreasonable. You see it and you know it, you are not crazy. Political leadership will tell you to look away, and trust. Ignore them.

Success for a Democratic Republic lies neither in an all black or all white, all Left or all Right political agenda. Success for America, which is a Democratic Republic, lies in a middle ground shade of gray which can accommodate both perspectives and the majorities interests arrived at through compromise. You can not arrive at a compromise? Then do no harm.


Politically empowered leadership in America is no longer concerned with the opinions of the individual and their interests. Political leadership in America, and I specifically mean the leadership in the Congress and the Senate today is now only concerned with leaderships interests, their agenda and their acquisition of and retention of power. Pure Strategy Over Morality and the abuse of power.


And this applies to both parties to varying degrees, and you can identify, characterize and label the offenders and their politics as you see fit. This is the nature of the political beast, recognize it for what it is because you the American public must ultimately influence and control it. Government is necessary, but it is a necessary evil. JGL  3/14/21



Now that we have established the eternal nature of man regarding the acquisition of and the retention of power and the resulting potential that exists in the abuse of power. And we understand the nature of religion and power. And we can clearly see the results of how the empowered in politics, whether they be a Monarch born to power or a democratically elected Congress can abuse power. And we have discovered the wisdom of those during the 18th century and the Enlightenment, true progressives of their day, who were able to change the course of history in relation to that nature of man related to the acquisition of and the retention of power and its abuse and the freedom of the individual and their naturally born Rights.


Now we can discuss and more properly, clearly and contextually understand what is underway in America and the world today. Now we can more properly see what many only see as a confused and chaotic political and cultural turmoil and "Mistakes" in politics and governance. There is a method to this madness.

If I were to purchase a property that included a pre existing building that was not to my liking and I wanted to build a very different kind of building where that building already sits, what must I do? RAZE IT!  36 seconds.       Two things can not occupy the same space at the same time. Now I can build anew.

Definition: ANEW: "In a new or different and typically more positive way." 


And the word ANEW in the context of politics for our purposes, relates to a particular politically subjective opinion, perspective and agenda. A political opinion and the agenda that issues forth from it is a subjective perspective and relates to the acquisition of and the retention of power in pursuit of that particular political point of view and the ability to realize and enforce it. And you need to control power in order to do so.


And then from that point after that building is razed and gone I can dig a new foundation and build my new building. And that is precisely what is currently underway and is being attempted today in America and the world. 


And YOU can identify, characterize and label as you see fit who exactly is attempting to execute this agenda. And you can decide whether it is a valid and called for "Positive" course after coming to more properly and comprehensively understanding what in fact is underway and what is driving it. JGL 4/3/21








The danger of technology and specifically designed computer algorithm's that focus on the darkest most selfish persuasions of humanity, implemented by Mega Social Media corporations and the oligarchs that control them and no longer see themselves as American allied is quite apparent.     6 min.


And they are all self professed Left leaning and Socialist minded at the minimum and seek to re imagine America specifically in a manner that we all know is naive, idealistic, childish and dangerous to everyone's individual freedoms and Rights. (I of course am assuming that you understand the difference here.)


And in their re imagined America these corporate selective manipulators are attempting to control your freedom of speech and what is allowed and they are without doubt in control of the political discussion. This should be unacceptable to all and every rational thinking American, political party affiliation aside. 


Are you a rational thinking American? Or are you a selfish child minded manipulator, happy to allow and be a part of this abuse of power because you believe it is right and good and it empowers your thinking? (I will assume that to be a rhetorical question.)


What is the nature of man in regards to power? It will be abused, and it will be abused in the subjective self interests of those who wield it. Social Media and what is behind it controlling it is not Normal related to the human mind. 


Aldus Huxley's warning, "We must not be caught by surprise by our own advancing technology" is a clear and rational warning, it is here, and it must be recognized and dealt with by the Congress that now is politically controlled and influenced by those same masters of the technology that he warned all about. 


But it must be dealt with all the same.  JGL  5/7/21

#9                                       BIG TECH, SOCIAL MEDIA AND YOUR FREE SPEECH

"Twitter will now encourage you to pause and reconsider when you post something unkind in reply to someone else. The company has been testing a function that identifies potentially harmful, offensive and inconsiderate replies and then prompts users to potentially reconsider their Tweet before sending."


Twitter knows when you're being mean. Now it will tell you, too. - Protocol — The people, power and politics of tech


Helping and improving the situation? Or long term controlling what is allowed to be said? Should people be allowed to say what they please and suffer the consequences and there by actually learn how to better communicate? Or is it a good idea that a program algorithm clean up and restructure what you intended to say to make it more acceptable by their "Acceptable" standards?


Who or what is to say what is, "harmful, offensive and inconsiderate"? 


There are programs like Grammarly that does similar, but I would never use it. And God knows it might well improve what I write. But then would there  not be honest feed back related to thought and content and no honest consequences for mistakes in thought and choices in communication made? In turn how would anyone learn how to communicate more better? (More Better!?)


The concept about consequences for actions taken is very important, consequences give valuable real world feed back.


Free speech is primarily about political speech and what some might consider offensive speech. People should generally be free to say what ever they please, but that does not mean that there will not be consequences. If and when private corporations who dominate the method by which the American people communicate and express their free speech, and the content, and those corporations have a clear political agenda and pervert that method and content to favor their political perspective, whether they be on the Left or the Right, that must be corrected by Congress.


The big tech Social Media corporations have evolved into utilities of some description, and utilities are for all to have access to without qualification. Should Con Edison be able to turn your power on and off depending on what your politics are or what you may have written and posted on line that someone somewhere finds offensive at any particular day or time? Of course not.


And so big tech and the internet that they clearly are in control of must be seen in a similar light.


Without doubt, if this condition is not remedied by Congress and that monopoly on the method of communication and content regarding free speech is purposefully allowed to favor one political philosophy over the other is allowed to persist then that is a direct threat to the country, the Constitution and everyone's freedoms and Rights.


Whether big tech and Social Media favors the far Right or far Left. In this case today free speech is now overwhelmingly controlled by big tech and Social Media well monied mega corporations and favors the Left, the far Left.


The nature of power is that when it is acquired it will be abused, and when it is absolutely and exclusively acquired it will be exclusively and absolutely abused. And so it is.  JGL 5/8/21

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