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A King and his lost 653 bullets

A King and his lost 653 bullets

Now to understand this properly it must be stated that North Korea is neither Socialist nor is it a "Democratic" thugocracy like Russia. North Korea is essentially a Kingdom that poses as some kind of Communist authoritarian state that employs the facade appearance of a judicial system. It is really a kind of a feudal kingdom state with missiles topped with nukes.

North Korea government structure: "The leader must work through various agents and their institutions, which has the power to delay, modify, or even resist the leader's orders. These institutions may set the overall tone and direction for North Korea's foreign and domestic policy, make suggestions, offer policy options, and lobby Kim himself." The key term in that previous paragraph is *Make Suggestions* to President Kim, I.E the King.

And what is the greatest potential threat to the King and his authority? Apparently 653 lost and unaccounted for bullets in the hands of the populous and out of his control? And now you better understand why there is such a push while in power by our own government at this moment in time to blame inanimate guns for criminality and deaths caused by their use and not those individuals with fingers who from a reasonable and rational persons perspective misuse them.

Every government fears a rational, clear-thinking free population. Especially when they are armed. Why did the Founders insist in the Constitution the population be armed? It is fundamental to individual freedom. If on the other hand you are not at all interested with the freedom and Rights of the population then by all means collect all of the guns from them. Governmental firearm confiscation happens for one reason. Mao did it, Stalin did it, Hitler did it. They will not tolerate anyone else having power.

Why is that illogical "it is the gun" strawman argument employed? Because an armed populous is a direct potential threat to all governmental authority should government become abusive of their power against the people. And the Constitution which is unique in this regard is designed with that exact hovering threat as the second most important item listed after the first most important item, which is the guaranteed Right to free speech whether the King, or president, or political party likes it or not.


This story is just a stark reminder for every American where our unique country comes from and what it is about be you black, white, brown, gay, trans or whatever and that it was designed with these simple tenets of individual freedom and self-determination in mind. Never allow those in politics who seek power on either side of the political divide to convince you otherwise. And that is what terrifies the King of North Korea, and any other politically empowered government entity anywhere who seeks to go over and above their authority and abuse their power. That is the nature of the beast they cannot help themselves, whether it be Left or Right, Progressive or Conservative. And political party aside this is what everyone in America MUST understand in order that we come together as neighbors with mutual respect for each other no matter how politically contentious things may become. Whether we see eye to eye or not so we can ultimately move together successfully in our own self-interests into the future. And our successful future lies in the middle Left middle Right not at the extremes as is being proposed. Authoritarians and extremists and those who naturally will abuse their power are master manipulators and want and need you in chaos, confused, divided and controlled. Trust none of them. jgl

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